Stones before Bones

Make sure you're buying the correct whiskey-related product.

Whiskey stones are 100% natural soapstone rocks used to chill (or heat) your low-volume drinks without dilution. They retain temperatures out of the freezer or the microwave for an hour, sometimes even longer. Sounds simple, right?

Well, here's the thing: ever since whiskey stones got popular[ish], there have been a number of other products and services introduced with names meant to confuse you into thinking you're getting whiskey stones when you're really not. So, don't fall for any of these swindlers:

Whiskey Bones: A new synthetic bone transplant option.

Whiskey Drones: Un-manned, remotely-piloted aircraft sent to spy on whiskey.

Whiskey Cones: Want to get buzzed? Fancy a frozen dessert? Get both!

Whiskey Phones: A special phone meant only for drunk dialing. Must breathalyze in to ensure intoxication.

Whiskey Loans: Like student loans, but for people who went to whiskey instead of school.

Whiskey Tones: Whiskey your way to a new, fitter you!

Very, very different stuff from these Whiskey Stones, so always be sure to read carefully!

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  • 100% natural soapstone rocks are used to chill (or heat) your low-volume drinks without dilution
  • Retains temperature out of the freezer (or microwave) for 1 hour or more
  • Tumbling process wears down the edges, meaning they won’t scratch your glass
  • Never wear out or lose their ability to chill (or heat) your drinks
  • Non-porous, odorless and tasteless
  • Will not react to household cleaners
  • Chill (or warm) and enjoy a perfectly balanced spirit
  • Recycled soapstone from factory excess
  • FDA approved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)

Warranty: 1 Year SPARQ USA


Dimensions: (9) Standard Size Stones: approx 7/8” cubed each
Weight: 0.50 lbs
Material: 100% Natural Soapstone


How to Use

  • Keep Cold Drinks Cold:
    - Place stones in freezer for 2 hours or more
    - When ready, add 3-4 standard size stones per drink and enjoy
    - To clean, rinse with warm water
  • Keep Hot Drinks Hot:
    - Place (2) stones in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds
    - Add the stones to your drink and enjoy
    - To clean, rinse with warm water


  • NOT recommended for use in a cocktail shaker
  • NOT recommended in a delicate wine glass (eg. Riedel)
  • Work best in small volume drinks (2-3 ounces)
  • Not meant for high volume drinks unless you use a large number of rocks to sufficiently chill your drink
  • To clean, simply rinse in water and air dry before storing in freezer or drawer
  • Soapstone is non-reactive to common household cleaners

General Warning: DO NOT handle or make direct skin contact with stones warmer than room temperature.  DO NOT let children handle stones or put them in their mouth.

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  • (1) SPARQ USA Whiskey Stones – Set of 9

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