Today is the first bidet of the rest of your life.

You know what's better than no bidet? Any bidet. There is literally not a single bidet in existence - nay, not a single bidet that the human mind can conceive - that would be worse than having no bidet at all.

So probe the specs. Compare the models. Furrow your brow in deep meditation on the finer points of spraying one's butt clean. But deceive thyself not. These bidets have one advantage no other bidet can boast: they are right in front of you, right now. You can pass them by in your quest for the perfect bidet. But... what if you never find it? Or, nearly as chilling, what if you live years and years without a bidet only to finally find the perfect one as you near death's door, the bulk of your pooping life now behind (ha ha) you? What price perfection?

We could answer that question in detail, but it would be too gross. The point is, you're not getting any younger and your butt's not getting any cleaner. Get a bidet or get off the pot.

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Natural Water Bidets with Dual Nozzle

Natural Water Bidets with Dual Nozzle
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