My guitar, it has a first name. It's O-S-C-A-R.

My guitar, it has a second name. It's S-C-H-M-I ... oh forget it. 

Use this guitar: to write music to impress the girls.

Don't use this guitar: to write jingles to impress the ad execs. What is this, the '80s?

In 99% of uses, this guitar won't: break a twenty, guy sifting through the change in my guitar case.

If this guitar were a character in a sitcom, it's catchphrase would be: "It's a minor chord kinda day. :'( "

When this guitar doesn't want to go to dinner with you, it uses this excuse: "I'm having my back waxed."


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Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitar Bundles

Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitar Bundles
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