A knife with lights in it? What a country!

So I was out with Brandon and Tiffany on Friday and Tiffany was suddenly like "where can I get a knife that has lights in the handle" and Brandon was all "you mean a knife that lights up" and Tiffany was all "no BRANDON I mean a knife with lights in the handle like I said two seconds ago" and Brandon was all "don't get mad at me TIFFANY I'm not a knife expert you can just yell at whenever you feel like it" and then I was finally like "guys guys CHILL you need to check out the SOG BladeLight Hunt & Folder Combo" and then Tiffany was all "who are YOU" and Brandon was all "and how did you get in our car" and then they were all "GET OUT" and I did and that's my story.

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SOG BladeLight Hunt & Folding Mini Combo
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4121 International Pkwy Carollton TX 75007 U.S.A.