Knives: The Most Dangerous Rain

Out of all the things that it could rain, knives would be the worst thing.

For one thing, everyone would have to be extra careful about keeping inflatables outside because they might get punctured by a sudden downpour. All those cool inflatable pools people have in their yards would be gone. Then where would we have pool parties on the cheap?

Also, knives would get a lot less expensive since they’d be falling out of the sky all over the place. Probably a lot of knife companies would go out of business and all the knife factory workers would lose their jobs.

Plus, it would be so loud! Can you imagine trying to sleep while a rainstorm of knives pounded against your roof? Everyone in rainy climates would have sleep deprivation all the time and they’d be really grumpy and rude.

Oh, and also a lot of people would get hurt and probably some of them would die. So that wouldn’t be so good either.

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