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No one suspects the monitor.

There came a loud knocking on the door. "You best not have no one in there with you, Marlene," called the voice. 

"Oh no," whispered Marlene to the AOC monitor. "It's my husband, Tommy! He knows about us!"

"It's okay, my dear," said the AOC monitor. "Let him in. I shall hide right beneath his nose." And with that he changed his face to display an aquarium scene. 

"What'n's this?" Said Tommy. "A new fish tank of digital sorts?"

"Yes! That's exactly what it is," Marlene said. "Here, watch." She sprinkled fish food onto the monitor.

Tommy smiled. "Well, I'll be danged!" He said. "Technology! What a wonderful thang!"

And so Marlene was able to continue her affair with the AOC monitor without any suspicion from her husband. 

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AOC 22" 1080p IPS LED-backlit Monitor

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AOC 22" 1080p IPS LED-backlit Monitor
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