Today's Woot Write-up

Pick a card, any card. You picked the microSD card. Very interesting. It means you're in store for a GREAT GAME OF CARD GAME.

Card Game rules:

1. Pick up a card

2. Put down the card

3. Pick up another card

4. Put the card on top of the first card

5. Put down your cares

​6. Pick up another card

7. If it's a card, put it down

8. If it's anything other than a card, repeat #6

9. Put down three more cards

10. Run

11. Pick up a card

12. Read for an hour

13. Clean up your act

14. Put down the card

15. Pick up one of the cards you put down

16. Take the card camping

17. Show it a good time

18. If you're feeling the magic, propose to the card

19. Be married for 20 years

20. Separate when you put the card down

21. Pick up a card

22. Lose the card

23. Make a salad

24. Pick up a card

25. Put the card down

26. Pick up truck

27. Put the truck down

28. Pick yourself up

29. Dust yourself off

30. Start all over again

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Centon Class 10 microSD Cards (3 Sizes)

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Centon Class 10 microSD Cards (3 Sizes)
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