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Hey, here’s a thought. Maybe if you wanted your wedding pictures to look better, you should’ve gotten married better.

After all, I didn’t invite all of your family and friends to get in my way. I didn’t blink while I was walking down the aisle. I’m not the one who looks really weird with a mouthful of cake. I didn’t force the DJ to play “My Humps” – a song that I can’t resist, and absolutely must dance to, even if it means putting down my camera to do so, and not picking it up for the rest of the night. I just strongly suggested that the DJ play “My Humps.”

And besides, I use a Canon EOS 70D DSLR Digital Camera Kit with 18-55mm Lens. Its CMOS image sensor ensures that images captured display with exceptional clarity and tonal range. What I’m saying is, if you say that the photos look bad, well then you don’t know photography.

As to your concerns about the content of the photos, it’s this simple: if you didn’t want a whole SD Card full of pictures of your knees or pictures of your backs or pictures of the floor at the reception hall or pictures of the urinal in the reception hall bathroom or pictures of my Honda Civic – which is for sale, btw, still runs like day 1! – well then maybe you should have put your knees and backs and floors and urinals and cars of your guests somewhere where I wouldn’t see them, okay?

Because, I’m a photographer! I know you would have loved a picture of you kissing the bride. But if that’s not what speaks to me, well then that’s not what get’s shot.

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