A lot of people, they can go through life with one knife. But they don't know what they're missing.

Hey, we won't deny it! You can be perfectly happy living your life with just one knife. One knife can do so much! You can cut, you can spread, you can possibly even shave (even though that's kinda gross) and you can wash that knife and make do. You can be happy living a one knife life.

But now ask yourself: is that a life you WANT to live?

Because right here, you're looking at a Cuisinart Knife Set. And yes, you won't use all these knives each and every day. But what if you need to cut a raw piece of fish and then immediately eat that fish. Would you really use a contaminated knife? Or what if you want to cook dinner for a guest? Do you expect them to share with you?

A one knife life is the kind of life a person can be proud of, but ask any one knifer what they'd want, and what do they say? "To have at least one more knife." This is your chance to join the multi-knife set. Don't let it pass you by.

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Cuisinart Knife Block Sets - 5 Styles

Cuisinart Knife Block Sets - 5 Styles
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