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Almost as much liquid as a single extra-large drink at the movie theater... for a fraction of the cost!

How many times have YOU spent seventy or eighty dollars to enjoy a drink at the movies? How many times have YOU wished you could get that thirst-quenching magic in the privacy of your own home? Probably you've given up dreaming of the day. Understandable. Until right now, drinking a whole bunch of fizzy liquid was only for billionaires and movie stars!

But now there's the Mastrad Soda Maker! No longer will you need to come and go, hauling barrels of water up from the lake or river. Now you can FILL STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLES WITH THE SODA YOU CRAVE! Which you can chill and share with people, including yourself, at will. WOW!

Turn a romantic dinner into a romantic dinner… WITH SODA! Turn a touching parent/child moment into a touching parent/child moment… WITH SODA!! So don't delay and become slightly parched. Grab a Mastrad Soda Maker and start drinking more soda than ever before!

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Mastrad PureFizz Soda Maker Set

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Mastrad PureFizz Soda Maker Set
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