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Just think of all the terrible food you won't save in these as you slowly master the art of cooking.

Let's not mince words here. Cooking isn't easy. It's fun! It's rewarding! And once you master a dish you feel like a god-chef with the power to turn lead into gold! But easy is not a thing that you can call it. That's why top-end chefs make so much money, why getting moving from two star to three star is a very important thing, and why there's a huge difference between a can of chicken mushroom soup and leftover coq au vin even if the basic ingredient list is exactly the same.

So yes, consumer, you WILL be throwing out some terrible food. AT FIRST. But with this Rubbermaid stuff, you'll have the ability to save the very best food you create. Sure, you'll burn some beans and hard-boil a poached egg and scrape overcooked gratin potatoes off the bottom in those early early days. It's going to happen and it's going to suck. But be brave. Endure. And keep at it. And, until you're ready, you can stuff these Rubbermaid storage containers with leftover pizza (which you'll be ordering a lot the first week, FYI).

But very very soon, you'll start making food that gives you a reputation. And that reputation will spread to your friends and neighbors. Before too long you'll be a very important figure at the local bake sale. Then you'll be asked to bring your lasagna bake to the PTA Pot Luck Supper. Then you'll find your child swaps their homemade lunch with the teachers... for cash. And all of a sudden, nobody will remember those rough early days. All they'll know is that the sight of your Rubbermaid makes their mouth start watering.

And if they DO remember the early days, so what? Just cut 'em off until they stop talking about the past. Don't you know? Ye who controls the food, controls the universe!!!

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Rubbermaid 20-Pc Premier Storage Set
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