We quarantined the computer after it caught television. 

Not sure how it happened. All we did is order some nifty-looking gadget called a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime Tuner, and now the computer's just sneezing out digital cable all day. And it's got Windows Media Center all tangled up in its sickness, making for a full-on DVR experience. Really is sad to see. We can't even remember the last time the poor thing did any computing.

But the hardest part is getting the children to stay away from it. "That's not your same old friend the computer," we tell them. "We know it looks like it, but the computer's gone to a better place." Still, they sneak into its room and stare as its screen spews out the media meant for another machine.

Tommy's the worst; we'll catch him in there three, four times a day. Now, we watch him closely to see if he starts broadcasting or tuning or showing any of the other symptoms that would lead us to believe he, himself, has caught television.

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Expand your cable TV from the living room to anywhere you have a computer or iPad 2 and above. Equipped with three digital TV tuners, the SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME allows you to watch TV from any computer on your network just by connecting the HDHomeRun PRIME to your home router.

  • Supports CableCARD conditional access, providing access to your premium cable channels through an M-Card supplied by your cable provider
  • You’ll be able to watch and record all the digital cable channels you subscribe to, including HD and premium channels in 100% digital quality without paying the $16-22 per month set-top box rental
  • Compatible with Windows Media Center on Windows 7, providing the full DVR experience
  • Using the available iPad app, you can watch, pause and record directly on your iPad
  • Multiple tuners means multiple iPads can be watching different TV shows at any time
  • Virtually unlimited disk capacity – just add another hard drive to your network for more storage space
  • If you don’t have a PC next to your main TV, you can use an Xbox 360 or other Media Center Extender to access live TV and all the recorded TV on your main PC via your living room TV set
  • Can be added to existing HDHomeRun devices to allow for additional tuners in your home network
  • While EyeTV does not support the HDHomeRun PRIME, MythTV can be used on a Mac with HDHomeRun PRIME to receive channels that are not copy protected.  What channels that includes varies from provider to provider and region to region, so check with your local cable provider to maximize compatibility
  • HDHomeRun PRIME is not compatible with satellite TV or IPTV services such as U-Verse
  • Product video


Warranty: 1 Year SiliconDust


Technical Specifications
TV Tuner: Three Digital Tuners, 1 RF input
TV Standards: US Digital Cable
Interface: Ethernet, M-Card CableCARD
Network: 1000baseT (gigabit Ethernet) - backwards compatible with 100baseTX networks
Unit dimensions: 7”L x 4”W x 1.25”D


System Requirements
Processor: Dual (or more) core PC - Intel Atom and AMD Fusion C/E/G/Z series are not recommended due to limited processing power
Memory: 2GB RAM
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional, or Enterprise
Storage: 4-8GB disk space per hour of HD recording, 1-2GB per hour of SD recording
Connection: 100 or 1000Mbit Ethernet network
Video Card: Any card with support for hardware decoding and HDCP (NVIDIA 9500 or newer, ATI HD3000 or newer, or Intel HD Graphics).
ATI GPUs prior to the HD5000 series and Intel Sandy Bridge GPUs may have problems decoding some content including premium channels like HBO
Other: Subscription to digital cable service
CableCARD (M-Card) from your cable provider
Display device that supports HDCP
DVI or HDMI connection between the video card and display
Note: VGA/component connections can also be used between the video card and display, but WMC may limit the resolution


Quick start guide


In the box:

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime includes:

  • 75” Cat5e Ethernet Cable
  • 72” RG6 Data Cable
  • AC Adaptor (72” cord)
  • Installation CD
  • Quick Start Guide


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