Like Close Encounters, But Less Aliens

Hey! It’s a Logitech Audiostation Express! It works with iPods specifically but it can handle nearly any type of player with the 3.5mm input jack. Was this what you were expecting? Well, then! Surprise!

There are three types of surprise. The first, and best, is the “Wow!” type of surprise. This happens when you find a wall-sized Picasso in your attic, or a hundred dollar bill in the pocket of an old pair of pants. If you own an iPod Classic (generation 4-6), iPod Nano (generation 1-3), or iPod Mini, this is the feeling of surprise you might be feeling right now, as you look at the refurbished Logitech Audiostation Express. But if the iPod isn’t your player of choice, you might be just as surprised to find that the 3.5 mm input jack allows you to use almost any portable player. There’s also a wireless remote so you can control your music without even leaving your chair. Additionally, this Logitech Audiostation Express charges your iPod as you listen, and it can run on either AC or Battery power. Quite the find, right?

The second type of surprise is the “Oh.” type. This is what you feel when you find something totally unimportant has happened. Imagine learning that your grandfather was actually a Canadian, or that the movie is starting one minute late. Still unexpected, but you’d have to be nuts to let it worry you. This second type is the usual reaction to finding out that the Logitech Audiostation Express uses iPod EQ settings, having no EQ of its own. It’s no great loss, right? Those 2.5” Max-X high-excursion drivers still deliver well balanced sound. No big deal at all.

The third type of surprise, though, is the “Hmmm.” type. This is when you find out that the train isn’t running the morning of your big presentation, or when you get a zit right before prom, or when you notice your zipper was down the entire time the Playboy centerfold was smiling at you. The third type of surprise is what we got when we looked at the boxes these Logitech Audiostation Express speakers arrived in. Honestly, these boxes have seen better days. The speakers themselves are fine, and we even inspected all of them to be sure. They’re perfectly good refurbs that do their job and look pretty. It’s just that the boxes seem to have come from a harsh future where a war against the machines rages day and night, and the only solace is a desperate escape to the past. It’s probably our fault for hiring that Connor lady without fully checking her background. Still, nothing we can do about it now.

So now that you know all that, the Logitech Audiostation Express should be like a birthday party you didn’t know was coming. The shock is over, grab a balloon! Enjoy the cake! Maybe there’s even a pony in the backyard! Wow!

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Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Works with the following iPods:

  • iPod Classic (Generation 4, 5, and 6)
  • iPod Nano (Generation 1, 2, and 3)
  • iPod Mini


  • Charges Your iPod
  • AC or Battery Powered (Requires 6 AA Batteries, Not Included)
  • Wireless Remote
  • 2.5” Max-X high-excursion drivers provide full, balanced sound
  • Composite Video Out (Yellow Plug)
  • Line In, 3.5MM Mini Jack

In the box:

  • Logitech Audiostation Express
  • AC Power adapter
  • Wireless Remote
  • Protective Case
  • 3.5MM Mini Jack Cable (For MP3 players and 1st/2nd/3rd Generation iPods)
  • Universal iPod Docking Adpaters


Logitech Audiostation Express Speakers 970329-0120

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