Chillin' On The Deck

No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate craving for dollars commitment to our customers, we're running an extra deal today. Who loves money you, baby?

Honey, I've been thinking about it, and it's about time we got a new deck.

"I knew you'd come around!"

I sure have. I saw one today, and I couldn't resist.


Yep! In fact, it's sitting in the truck.

"Our deck? How is our deck sitting in the truck?"

It's a Hydroslide CT55P Comfort Top Deck Tube.

"That doesn't sound like a deck."

Really? Here. Let me say it again: Hydroslide CT55P Comfort Top DECK tube. It's right there: deck.

"It sounds like an inner tube."

Well, it's that too. But it's not an ordinary inner tube. It's got a  soft, comfortable riding area, embossed 'hydroglide' finish, and large seating surface area!

"But it's still an inner tube."

Yeah, so?

"'SO'!? I wanted a deck! You know, a deck, for the house. Somewhere where we can sit outside and eat barbeque."

I knew you'd say that! That's why I also got us some brisket. Now what do you say we go eat some brisket on our new deck?

"But that 'deck' is only designed for one rider at a time."

We can take turns. Or just crowd in really close to each other. Either way, that brisket will be delicious.

"You can't just win me over with brisket."

I also got cornbread.

"Okay. Let's go."

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  • 55" Deck shaped towable
  • Edge to edge comfort top covered surface provides a soft, comfortable riding area
  • Embossed "Hydroglide" finish on PVC bottom moves through the water with less drag
  • One piece, high frequency welded quick connect
  • 2 Injection molded rubber handles
  • Large flat seating surface can be ridden laying down or sitting
  • Heavy duty 30 gauge PVC construction
  • Designed for one rider

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item

Warranty: 90 Days Nash Sports


Diameter:: 55"
Construction: Heavy duty 30-gauge PVC
Handles 2
Riders: 1
Weight Capacity 170 pounds
Shipping Weight 10 pounds

In the box:

(1) Hydroslide CT55P Comfort Top Deck Tube

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