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Samsung POWERbot R9250 Robot Vacuum

Condition: Factory Reconditioned
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Top positive review
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Most powerful hands down, As powerful as a conventional vacuum
By Jwalter on 5/1/2019 10:19:37 PM
I have both the Powerbot 9350 and a 1 year old Roomba . Its shedding season and I was drowning in dog hair from my two giant dogs, so I needed to step up to something more powerful and wouldn't get as clogged as easily.

The Samsung 9350 is hands down more powerful and has a collection tray 3X the size. The downside is that its necessarily larger and wont' fit under all the furniture the Roomba will. The Roomba is about 3 1/4" tall and the Samsung is 5" tall, but the Samsung motor is much larger so that shouldn't surprise anybody.

I cannot get the Samsung's room mapping program to work so I cannot confine it to a single room. (maybe somebody here can tell me what I'm doing wrong) . The Roomba simply uses electric "eyes" to act as an invisible barrier.

Overall, I love it and it handles all the hair from my two large dogs with ease. Im so happy I've bought a 2nd one. Im still going to use the Roomba since it does a good job with cleaning under the coffee table and couches.

Much more powerful than a Roomba
Collection tray 3x the size
Does not clog even with massive amounts of doghair

Digital mapping feature does not seem to be able to restrict it to a single room
Wont fit under low couches (Duh!, the motor is larger)
Top critical review
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This is an amazingly bad device!
By Nielo on 3/5/2018 12:15:23 AM
I replaced a Neato Botvac Connected (after about two years running every dasy it wore out) with this POWERbot 9350 thinking it was a step up, boy was I wrong. The vacuum won't even clean the room it starts in much less the rest of the house. As for the functions that separate it from less expensive POWERbots, they just don't work. I tried to have it make a floor plan a half dozen times and all it did was get lost and eventually run out of power. And then there's the App. Not only is it pretty minimal in function, it wouldn't work with my Nexus 6p until I discovered a work-around on the internet. From the get-go it worked fine with my Samsung Tablet.

So, I'm returning it for a replacement. If the replacement actually works I'll revisit this review and explain that I just received a lemon first time out.

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