XL+ Fila Men's Athletic Tees

It used to be that XL shirts were for the "big" folks. But now the "big" folks are the majority, and the XL designation was too "narrow" a category. Now XL is more of a Medium, while XXXL is the new XL. If things keep going at this rate, we might not need S, M, and L anymore at all...
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Ends on May 1 at 9AM CT

About Fila 

Contrary to our joking, Fila was the name of two brothers who lived in the Alps and also founded a clothing company. For a while it was owned by a U.S hedge fund, and now it's operated from South Korea. Pretty worldly, right? So don't just use these as your "eating ice cream on the couch" clothes. Get out there and EARN this style!
Fila offial site