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Polywood Furniture Mix 'n Match

Ask yourself not, how much Pollywood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck Pollywood. Ask yourself, "why did I let my woodchuck near something as valuable as my Pollywood furniture in the first place?" Also, is "chuck" really a word that means eat wood?

Shipping Note: Too Late for Christmas


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I've got several pieces of Polywood on my patio, currently buried under snow.

They really do hold up well (three years outdoors and still look like new), and several people have been fooled into thinking they are painted wood rather than synthetic. The material has just enough flex that the chairs are comfortable to sit on without a cushion.

The only real downside is these are heavy, even heavier than solid wood. That's why they're still out on the patio.


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Woot - your photoshop skills suck. What's up with the stool that has stone on each side, but a stainless steel door behind the legs!?