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Outdoor Garage Sale

Woot is all about low-pressure sales, so we're just going to stare at you while you browse this sale. 


Don't mind us. 
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Is this different from this: http://www.amazon.com/EZE-LAP-DMD-Kit-Clamp-Fixed-Sharpening/dp/B000UVV152/

I see two extra stones, but my bigger problem is the sharpening angle. It says 3 guided angles, but they're not listed, the one on Amazon seems to only do 20 and 25. Help?


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I looked at Amazon site for the same kit. They list 3 angles; 15, 20 and 25.


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eze-lap deluxe diamond knife sharpening kit

Different Company ..
but same theory ..
a video on what a knife sharpening kit like this looks like when you use it, and how it works

however, some confusion about angles...
this system, in the video, shows using the 17 degree angle of fine Japanese knives (like your new Shun knives from Woot...)
as well as the angles for your new KnuckleSandwich knives from woot...

but the listings for the
EZE LAPEZE LAP Diamond "sharpening tips" page
talks about "from 5-10 degrees ..."
"if in doubt use 7-8degree..."

a perfect day to have a great day on purpose...
or because the store clerk told you to...


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while not the exact system, it seems extremely similar.