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Holiday Clearance 2: Cheap Crap Boogaloo

Putting up a bunch of kitschy holiday crap is a full-time job. You start slippin', next thing you know the in-laws are hosting this year. Maintain your knick-knack cred.


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ThunderThighs wrote:'Twas the night before Witching, when all through the dell Not a Santa Moose was stirring, or even that Pumpkin Girl. The Scarecrows were hung in the gardens with care, In hopes that Dinner Napkins would soon be there.
I'm just hanging out, really.


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Haha, nice title, when I was a kid "Breakin" was one of my favorite movies, I did't like no 2, maybe I had started to care about plot and acting skill by the time the second one was out!


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Would those "cotton placemats" stand up to a wash like cloth or disintegrate like paper?

Edit: It says it can be laundered but is compostable, hm...