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Stuff You Didn't Get This Christmas

How thoughtless of your loved ones to not give you every consumer product on Earth this Christmas. You may not have put a power washer on your list, but it sort of goes without saying, don't you think? Thankfully you can make up for their thoughtlessness by buying this random crap on Sellout.Woot. But really: Tsk tsk. 

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inkycatz wrote:Which of these items should have been on your list?

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Definitely the power washer.


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Picked up this vornado whole room air circulator in early december. It moves air very nicely; much better than my twenty inch fan that broke (thus the reason i ordered this one.) the vornado started acting up within the first week and quit altogether after a couple of weeks.
1. i really like the fan and hope i happened to just get a lemon.
2. woot support sent a replacement immediately and issued a return label and rma for me.
3. the replacement has been working beautifully so far.
this is my first vornado product, but with a 5 year warranty, i am optimistic that i will be a satisfied customer for many years.

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That's a REALLY good price on the Vornado. I bought one from Moofi when it was $39.99, and no complaints. 30 bucks is a steal.


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I'm sure the vornado is a nice personal fan. Make sure you refer to the cfm of any fan if you are looking to move a significant amount of air. The vornado will move 283 cfm on high. A $16 20" lasko box fan from HD will move 2500 cfm. If you need a small fan, the vornado may be for you. If you need to move more air, consider the larger and cheaper lasko.


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That Vornado moves so much air on the high setting, it literally knocked a poster frame off my wall. Trust me, it will circulate the air in a good-sized room quite well.


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If you blow through a straw you can get a powerful stream of air.

If you try blowing through a piece of 4" diameter pipe you will experience the difference between velocity and volume.

Or, partially block the end of a running garden hose. It'seems more powerful but it won't fill up a bucket as fast as an unblocked hose.

If your desire is to have air moved briskly in a narrow field, the vornado may be for you. If you want to move a large volume of air, not so much.


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Not had good luck with those pressure washers. We bought two and neither lasted longer than one season (summer) of washing before they burned up. Not talking heavy use either, just the small one story house once or twice and an average sized deck a few times. Friends who have purchased them said the same thing and there are a lot of negative reviews online.

The other problem is, it's not that powerful. 1600 psi isn't all that much when you're trying to do something like remove oxidized paint from wood. It just simply isn't powerful enough to do the job. Average low end gas powered washers typically are 2700psi.

We noticed a distinct difference in the cleaning ability between the electric one and the gas one we bought as a replacement. It ended up with us having to re-do the house because you could tell exactly where the electric one quit and where we started back up with the gas one.


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I have one of those Troy-Bilt push mowers. I love it. It's built pretty tough and the wheels are big enough that it rolls smooth and isn't bad to push at all. The grass catcher is slick too. It doesn't catch _everything_, but it catches enough that you probably won't have to worry about raking.

If you slack like me and don't mow often enough though, it can be a little hard to push through the grass. But if your lawn is small and you can do it once a week, it keeps things looking super nice. Kinda like a "King of Shaves" for your lawn.

Also, if your yard is kinda bumpy (like, too compacted and earthworms dig around pushing up dirt in little bumpy nobs) or has a lot of divots in it, it's less fun (or, more harder anyway) to use one of these.

I didn't buy mine here (sorry woot!), got it as the local farm store for a little more money when I moved into a new house (with a super-small yard) a year ago. I am tempted to get one of these as a joke for my brother-in-law that has like 3/4 of an acre of grass though.. that would be hilarious.