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Great buys on Tools

You need tools! Everyone needs tools! So get yourself some tools already!


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I'm sure you have something to say on the type of battery these have. Let's hear it.

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I would like the 3 screws and the block of wood please. Which set are those in?


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johnt007871 wrote:I would like the 3 screws and the block of wood please. Which set are those in?

I'd bet you get them cheaper at the local hardware store. That way they'll go with any/all sets!

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I have mixed feelings on Hitachi power tools. I went through 2 of their jigsaws while remodeling my bathroom. First one worked fine one minute, then just went completely dead. The replacement stripped something out internally after cutting some fairly thin (1/8") paneling. They were awesome while they worked. When the first one died there was no question I was going to get the exact same model as a replacement. I was actually saddened when the 2nd one died. I had the perfect jigsaw, but it was disposable. As much as I loved it, I wasn't going to give it a 3rd chance.


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...and the Makita still sucks. Batteries, really old, bla bla bla.

The Hitachis are decent enough quality for the price I suppose.


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Mother of god, I just realized that for 50 bucks less, you get the same tools in the superior Hitachi set that come with the 1994 Mikata!!


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So the right angle driver comes with no battery and no charger.
No thanks.


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Home Depot often sells a Rigid drill/impract driver set combo pack with 2 batteries and charger at 18V for $100. This isn't impressive at all.