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I really would like to get one but having spent so much money already on PC gaming gear and always falling back to "clicking" not sure I can justify this to the wife. Anyone know if it is made to support people with sausage fingers?

On another note, the description captured online gaming perfectly. In fact that was almost scary, thought I was logged in for a sec and not at work.


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I owned this particular model and I couldn't play a game with out it now. I can sit in my recliner with this on the left side and a Razer Naga Epic mouse on the right and lean back with no keyboard and play for hours.

A real time saver when in battle saving the world from monsters.


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WilfBrim wrote:That is why I thought that the MW3 commercials with Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington were crappy: nobody helps anybody in gaming these days. And (at least on XBL) most of the people make me sad they every learned to speak and sorry that I can still hear.


Except that they made it look like fun for those of us who aren't into fps. So, really, they were great commercials to try to sell to new customers.


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Also a longtime user of the Nostromo 52 and the n52te. This is a great product. I depend on it even more now, because I have some wrist/hand issues on my right hand. I try and take as much stress off the right as possible. For instance, playing TERA, I have the left mouse button bound to the dpad on the nostromo, so I'm not constantly having to hold down my index finger.


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Anyone use this for real work? Not a gamer but I'm a heavy CAD user, specifically soldworks. Seems like it could be programmed with shortcuts and such to keep the left hand off the keayboard.

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Sheds a single perfect tear for all the lefty gamers out there who get no love.


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gmangw wrote:I have the old Belkin n52te version of this and it is one of my favorite woot purchases. Being able to program each key on the device (rather than remapping keys only on a specific computer) is a great feature. Some games with complex control schemes make it seem like there aren't enough keys, but in most cases this and a 4-button mouse make all the needed controls easily accessible. Having my arms on each side of the keyboard is much more comfortable than playing with a standard keyboard, and the wrist position is comfortable.

I don't get why people are saying the programmability of the keys is such a huge feature... I thought that was standard on keyboards these days. I do the same things on my Black Widow Ultimate, and did it on my Lycosa, back when I was too cheap to go mechanical.


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This deal is actually cheaper than when I bought mine on January 17th, 2011 . Since then, I have not considered playing any game with a regular keyboard. I have profiles for ALL my games, my music, even my browser has a profile. Best investment I've made on Woot, and it was 39.99 when I got mine


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Works well for photoshop / photo editing / whatnot
Games not so much, especially if you chat via typing
It's hard to get used to


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I have an old version N52 on a shelf that I refuse to let go of... used it over 3 years and its still perfect, just with no button labels left =)
I bought the N52te on sale elsewhere over a year ago.
I map the keys to do what works for me and it just works.
I have no preference between the old and new, they both are awesome for FPS and I don't care about the blue backlighting unless I'm showing it to someone!
It's still $60 at the egg... buy it if you game, get used to it and try to keep a straight face when saying you prefer a keyboard or even one of the contenders without the contoured palm rest.