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What is Clearance?

A discussion of lapdogs, kevlar, and firstborn male children.

Welcome to the end of the line. This is where Woot sends its last-chance deals. This is where the true deal fiends gather. As Woot is to the rest of the ecommerce world, so Clearance.Woot is to the rest of Woot: abandon all price snobbery, ye who enter here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who or what is Woot?
Woot started as a site featuring great new deals every day in 2004. Since then, it has expanded into a family of sites featuring - that's right - great new deals every day. The main Woot FAQ is the place to look for more about Woot, including the same purchasing, warranty, ordering, and returns policies that apply on Clearance.Woot. To reprint all that info here would be a waste of desperately needed pixels.
It sounds like Woot is already a closeout store. Can a closeout store have a closeout aisle?
Wheels within wheels, man. Clearance.Woot is - as the name implies - where we sweep out the very last bits of inventory for items that have already had their day in the Woot sun. It's also the place for deals which we might not have in large enough quantities to feature on Woot, but that were just too good for us to pass up completely. As Woot grows, the weird little deals need a home, too - and so do the weird little deal-hunters. Both are welcome here.
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