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Look at my amazing HP All-In-One Printer. Would you say you...ENVY me? Hahaha—what do you mean no?

Look, my ENVY printer has made me cooler than I've been since......uh...I've never been cool. So let me have this one thing. I finally have a cool thing. Let me be cool. Aw c'mon! Ok wait here...

Hey hey, what do you think of me now? I've got TWO ENVY printers now. Certainly I've doubled my cool factor. Wait, what do you mean it'll take more than that? How many ENVY printers do you have, huh? Oh. Seven. Uh...wait here...

Ok, I bought six more ENVY printers so now I have eight, count 'em, EIGHT of these babies. Now I'm cool, right? Autographed? Well, none of them are autographed but—wait, autographed by WHO? 'I should know'? How am I supposed to......ok wait here...

Alright, I got all eight of my ENVY printers signed by eight different movie actors and sports stars. PLEASE let me be in your cool club now? YES? YAAAAY oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou... where are you going? Oh, you're all quitting the cool club? Cool isn't cool anymore? Oh.

Well I've still got my ENVYs.

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HP ENVY 4516 All-In-One Inkjet Printer
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