Warrior Poet Tees (Sizes 2T-7)

The warrior knows a goal, and achieves it. The poet plays with your emotions but ultimately for the better. Put 'em together? You've got a kid that'll drive you up the wall then give you breakfast in bed to apologize. Behold, the Warrior Poet!
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About Warrior Poet Clothier

We're not sure how to say it ourselves, so we're just gonna quote Warrior Poet themselves: "Like The Warrior Poet, at the core of every young man is the desire to save the day and love to the fullest. Pop culture says, “You’re either a lover or a fighter.” The Warrior Poet says, 'BE BOTH!' At Warrior Poet Clothier, our crusade is, 'Building Armor with a Flare for the Next Generation of Men.'"
Warrior Poet Clothier official site