Everything is ready for the big game: The queso is molten, the dog is exiled to the back yard, and the pigs are nestled deliciously in their blankets. Yup, as soon as everybody arrives you'll be the gridiron god -- OH NO! You forgot the TV! 

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Vizio is a producer of consumer electronics based in Irvine, CA. You know, California … the state where people spend less time watching TV and more time outside doing active lifestyle things than anywhere else in the whole U.S. (Don't quote me on that.) But I wouldn't let that influence your purchasing behavior. Think of it this way. On the rare occasion that they do watch TV, they want it to be really really good. So they probably put a whole lot of tender loving care into each and every product. It's like giving your TV a hug and saying to it, "You know what, buddy? You're special, and I love you." Now isn't that a nice idea?