Silly Hats For Your Golf Club

You're the funny guy. Someone needs a hearty yuk-yuk or a small but satisfying chortle, they come to you. And it's not just that you're always cracking goofies. You've got funny stuff too: funny hats, funny ties, a funny license plate, all that! But there's one area where you're lacking in haw haws: your golf club covers. That is, UNTIL NOW!
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Ends on March 14 at 9AM CT

About Daphne's Headcovers

When Daphne started making golf club covers, Freddy was like, "but Daphne, if you're so busy doing that, how are you going to solve mysteries with us?" And Daphne was all like, "It's time to grow up, Freddy. I need to make a living. I need to support my unborn child, or should I say, OUR unborn child."
Daphne's Headcovers official site