Pet Life Apparel

For too long, petkind has been held down by man. For too long, denied their basic rights. Like jackets and boots. Well, stand up for petkind, in the face of man's tyranny. Empower your canine brothers and sisters. No longer shall they be second class citizens! From now on, they shall not only be clothed, they shall be... fabulous.

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About PetLife

PetLife have dedicated themselves to the insidious pursuit of making pets more like people. It's started innocently enough, with jackets and boots and adorable little doggie socks. But where will it end? How long before they start making puppy guns? How long before your cat has his own lawyer to defend him when he claws your eyes out for changing the channel on his PetLife big screen cat-tv? I'm not saying this is going to lead to our pets overthrowing our society. I'm just saying we need to be aware of that possibility. No good can come of a chihuahua in Uggz.