6-Piece Colonial Towel Sets = Partay!

After the shower, you're all like CLEAN, but you're also all like dripdripdrip everywhere. You gotta get that drip under control, or else your carpet is going to be all sqquuuiisshh sqqquuuiisssh! That's what these towels are for! They're all RUBRUBRUB-DRY!

Ends on May 13 at 9AM CT

About Towels

You never quite realize how much you need a towel until you don't have a towel. Take it from the guy who once tried to towel off with toilet paper at the gym. I still can't look a sheet of one-ply directly in the eye. But it was either that or flap around under the hand dryer. And there are some things you just don't do in public.