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10 Pack Plus Size High Waist Leggings

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Are these plus size or regular size? The specs show regular size.


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Yeah, they don't seem to have a grasp on "plus size." Try telling a woman who wears a size 4 that she is a plus size!

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C'mon, Woot, regular specs listed for plus size? Either there an error in the listings or someone really believes that "one size fits all" nonsense.


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Can these be returned if they don't fit since there is no information concerning the actual sizing?


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Agreed! I'd be all over this offer if the sizing info could be confirmed. They aren't on Amazon, but I did find them on Groupon *with* sizing clarified. However, the reviews weren't very favorable:


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Hi all. Sorry for the late response. The size chart on the specs tab has been updated.

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Sizing: I am a 16/18, 5'6". Top is tight and "flat" with no real give for the rear or tummy, difficult to pull up and keep up at waist. Legs fit fine but are too long.

Colors: Not colors shown. I received 2 white, 2 black, 3 navy, 1 burgundy, 2 brown ... no gray and no red

Fabric: Rather thin, more like tights. Will be fine under tunics and dresses, but definitely wouldn't wear as pants. More of a foundation garment.



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Okay, tried on the second pair today. They actually fit a little better than the 1st pair. However, after wearing for just a few hours I discovered a pantyhose-type run straight down one of the legs.

Would not buy again.