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Bayit 1080p IP Cam

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Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this on Amazon here; https://www.amazon.com/Bayit-HD1080P-Wireless-Notifications-Anywhere/dp/B0176VVKGS

If you have prime, it's only 5 bucks more and much easier returns too.


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EXPOSED security vulnerability:


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I bought a previous model at Woot from the same company. I was never able to make it work reliably with WiFi (I am a computer professional, do things like this daily), although it worked using Ethernet cable. I tried with three different routers and Access Points, none worked. I Contacted Bayit. They first responded that I would have to wait because they were moving. After reminding them a month later, they promised to replace the unit and to send me a shipping label, which they never did. I ended up paying for the disposal (in my community, we are not allowed to just put electronics in trash). Good job, Bayit!


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I believe this is the same model i was recently gifted. It didn't move or connect. They eventually sent a replacement; needed to "see movement" on the return label unit first. I haven't really been that motivated to mess with the replacement, so i couldn't tell you if it works well. Me? I'm betting it's crap, and i would NOT buy this as a gift for anybody i liked.
I will probably just dump this thing in the salvation army donation bin and curse them with it.
I would skip this one fellow wooters, not worth the hassle. If you want to risk a few bucks on a questionable electronics item, it's MUCH more timely and convenient to just buy it locally (also helps that the locals have the same accent as you when you are complaining).