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Kensington Accessories

Don't you think "Kensington Accessories" sounds like the sort of young lady who'd attend a small Ivy League college?


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They have sync-stands at the Dollar Tree store for guess how much? Little USB lighter socket chargers as well.

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Kensington K39771US Proximity Tag for Android

I bought this the last time it was on Woot (for the same price). I will atest that it does work but it will ONLY work with Samsung phones. Sadly, I did not read description closely enough to see that. Luckily, my girlfriend has a Galaxy S4 Active and we got it to work.

Important to note the app that is made specifically for newer versions of Android did not work with the S4 Active. I got it to work with the app designed for older versions of Android.

tl dr; Buy at your own risk. Kensington needs to update/test their apps better.


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What to do to get this to work????????