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Skins Compression Apparel

When it comes to being an athlete, the most important thing is to make a good first compression. You want to compress your teammates and your opponents alike. You want them to say, "Wow! That guy is COMPRESSIVE!"


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OK, enlighten me. What's the benefit of compression wear?


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I absolutely LOVE SKINS' compression wear. It's very well made and I can feel the pressure holding the muscles. I have both sleeved and sleeveless tops and shorts, for running and hot yoga. With hot yoga, it even helps a little with balance and I note a faster recovery time after each challenging pose when I am wearing the compression wear.

Yes, there are cheaper ones (like from Champion, you can find it on Amazon), but those just don't have the toughness or the build-quality of the SKINS.

Too bad this sale doesn't have any of those items for men!



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Can't find sizing.. any clues.. I'm a 9 in a womans shoe. Nice calves!