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Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Courtyard Rugs

Woot would like to apologize for an earlier version of this sale, which claimed that these indoor/outdoor carpets were "magic." They are not, nor have ever been, capable of self-powered flight or cute, expressive miming. We are deeply sorry for any Persian paupers who may have tried to seduce a Princess with a flight around the city on these non-magical rugs. 


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This rug saved my carpet. My dogs decided to run tracks at full speed in my living room, trashing my fairly new carpeting. I put this down, no more puppy track meet. It doesn't stain easily, you can vacuum it. I'm thinking of buying another one... just need to figure out where to put it.


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Also interested in this rug since it is less of a mess for those of us with pets.



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I have some rugs similar to this one. A couple of them outside, and one in my den. I wash them 1-2 times a year and they always come back as good as new, no matter how soiled they are from my children and dogs.


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I bought the last one (Brown swirly vine one) over a year ago. We use it indoors, because it is super easy to clean. With a then three, now 4 yr old boy, it has been fabulous. My son is sensitive to loud noises, so I can sweep it if needed, and then vacuum when he's at preschool.
It's not as soft as indoor rugs usually are to sit on, but makes the hardwood tolerable. We can still set up trains, blocks, etc on it, and they don't tip. I don't know that putting an underlay would soften it much, because the rug material itself is hard. Also, it has just now started to come up at one corner and so I'm going to either sew on a piece of hard plastic to keep it down, our use some kinda tape. The smaller rug is super slippery. We use a non-skid pad under the small one.
I have received compliments on the rug, and a few faces aghast at the cheap price.