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True Linkswear Golf Shoes

Wait, these are golf shoes? Where's the little fringed flap that hangs down over the laces? And shouldn't they be bright blinding white, or at least saddle-shoe style? Next you'll be telling us golfers don't wear plaid knickers and floppy hats anymore, either.


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Are you really not selling the ones you put in the pic?


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nmchapma wrote:Are you really not selling the ones you put in the pic?

Huh. Looks like it might have dropped off at the last minute. Sorry about that.

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For small footed men only...


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4actons wrote:For small footed men only...

Definitely order these AT LEAST one size smaller....I'd honestly say even up to 1.5 sizes. They are very wide and absolutely, 1000%, not true to size. I ordered a pair of 12's when they were offered for the first time during the normal one-day offering, and I can't even wear them. When compared to a friends 14 shoe, it's almost exactly the same length and width. I can't even return them either. So if you want to waste money like me, order your normal size.