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Razer Gaming Accessories

If you want good gear with names that make you feel like you're in a Tom Clancy novel, Razer's the company for you. If you want gaming tools that are both dark AND glowing at the same time, Razer's for you. If you're bored with the peripherals that came with your computer, Razer. Is. For. You.


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Are ALL the keys on the Anasi keyboard backlit?



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A word of warning from a longtime, and now former, Razer customer: if your device is out of warranty, seriously think twice before applying ANY firmware updates.

One example of why: I attempted to apply a firmware update to my original Black Widow Ultimate, following all of the installation instructions, and it bricked it. The update was meant to fix a longstanding bug that causes keystrokes to randomly repeat. Their support was less than helpful and told me to "Go check out woot.com. We have discounted refurbs there.". Sorry, but no.

Beyond this, their management software is clunky, buggy and has never worked as well as it should. Especially having been around for as long as it has.

This in no way reflects poorly on Woot - I love Woot, but I will never buy a Razer product ever again.