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Sheets for Fifteen Bucks

A recent study showed the obvious: Single men rarely launder their sheets. Well I'm a single man and I'm going to let you in on our little secret: Why WASH the sheets when you can just buy new ones for fifteen bones? It saves a trip to the laundromat plus: new sheets! You're welcome. 


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Holy sheet! Those are good prices

I joined on April 15, 2005, instead of working on my taxes. The hell with taxes.


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This is where I am forced to quote Gob, from Arrested Development: "No CalKing, Woot? COME ON!"

Onomatopoeia. It's not what it sounds like.


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Twin XL is the size for the college dorm beds, right?


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bonnielibrary wrote:Twin XL is the size for the college dorm beds, right?

For many, yes. Best to check with your college though.

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100 percent polyester? Is this the kind of polyester that itches and pulls out leg hairs? Anyone have experience with these?