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Beat the Summer Heat

Hey! Summer's here! Actually, it's been here for a couple months already, which is why we're selling this stuff on the cheap, yo. So grab some summer stuff! You know what they say -- "better late than never" -- unless you wait till winter, then that's too late, but you're not waiting till winter, you're buying this stuff now, right? RIGHT?


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I wish you were selling the mannequin head. I think it would be a big seller.

Just found it on Amazon. $30 and $10 shipping. (MD-Y5) Artistic Female Mannequin Head Fiber Glass



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That is the scariest freaking head I have ever seen and it makes me want to close my eyes, NOT peruse the sale items.


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She has lost her power to scare me.

:::runs and hides:::


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Hydroslide freedom easy rider 48- inch float.Will be of good use next summer.The fill of the thickness of the structure it should last a long time.