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G-Form Laptop & Tablet Protection

If phones need to be protected so much, why don’t they just make the whole phone out of G-Form to begin with? And what’s going on with these apps? Whatever happened to making a phone call? Is there an app for that?
G-Form official site


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Hmm, the black 7 inch case says Kindle fires and other 7" tablets, but I can't help but wonder if it'll fit well on my Nexus 7.


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Just FYI, the Extreme Edge 10" tablet cover doesn't fit on longer/widerscreen tablets.

It does not fit on my ASUS Transformer TF700T (also purchased from Woot.)


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just received my extreme edge 10" from the last woot deal on these. Unfortunately I have now discovered that it doesn't fit my Acer Iconia a700. They do claim to fit acer iconias as well, on their website, and on amazon.

..so much for 'fits most 10" tablets.'