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Technological Cart-Stuffers

If you've already put something in your cart, you might as well take advantage of free shipping and throw some more gear in there. Hey, why stop there? Why not buy some tools? And accessories? Tell you what: The prudent thing to do at this point is to buy everything on Woot today. 


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gotta love that description; it's too bad I don't have a need for any of these, or strong desire to upgrade to them, except the laptop chargers which will not work with my MSI GT60 which although being a normal 19.5 volts, wants more amperes (9.2 to be precise) (180 watts for the time inclined)

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no inside pictures of any of the cases/sleeves? kind of important.

to the woot staff member that screwed up the back2skool code so I could get a lot of nice things for free - thank you.


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luke975 wrote:no inside pictures of any of the cases/sleeves? kind of important.

If you look at the tablet portfolio one they show what the inside material looks like.


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Targus Laptop Charger w/ Phone Battery

I have this from an earlier woot and it's awesome. Use for both home and work laptop using different tips, keep the battery with me and it holds the full charge for >1 mo of no use. I use it periodically just to cycle it...


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A friend brought me back the WebMail Notifier from a visit to China. It is actually really great at work; I never notice that tray icon showing I have new mail in Outlook, but it is hard to miss a big blue light turning on.


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The Toshiba drive is the same on newegg and one cent cheaper on amazon...


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The Built NY products are excellent quality. The iPad 2 sleeve is lined with a really nice furry fleece, and the 13" laptop sleeve is a great fit for my MacBook Air and protects it well, so now I can just throw it in a regular bag instead of an obvious steal-me computer bag. Bought both of these in previous woots, and recommend them both highly.


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A plug for the Logitech keyboard: I've been using it with my iPad for a couple months after getting it in a previous woot. It's solidly built, and the keys are nice and springy. It's worlds better than the $30 bluetooth keyboards I used before it, and in the same league as the Apple bluetooth keyboard. In two months of daily use, I haven't replaced the batteries yet.

Note that it does not include the case/stand that some versions of the keyboard came with.


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I bought 3pairs of the Koss speakers. One pair didn't come with the power supply. I emailed support to ask if they could send just the power supply. No one got back to me. But for $2 it wasn't that big a loss