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Toolbag Grab Bag

It's a grab bag of stuff to put in your tool bag! Except you can look inside the grab bag and choose the tool bag stuff you grab. That breaks the basic grab bag law, which is you can't look into the grab bag. So forget that we called this a grab bag.


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I have the PiNKthumb HIPster and KneeCap set - Very handy not just for yard work, but the knee pads are nice for fun jobs inside the house, like cleaning under the refrigerator. Scooped an extra cat from under there last time!

x3 It seemed like a good idea at the time.


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Deal it, buy it, write it, ship it.
Get it, play it, fill, unfill it.
Hit it, smash it, break it, fix it.
Save it, send it, quick, review it.