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Craig Electronics

Sorry, we can't hang out today because we're going over to Craig's house. Craig is our best friend. NO, HE'S NOT IMAGINARY, HE'S REAL! I DON'T CARE IF HE'S JUST A CONSUMER ELECTRONICS BRAND. HE'S NICE TO ME AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS. 


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So you're not friends with Power Balance anymore, sellout.woot?


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Two things I don't see mentioned: video acceleration (e.g. Tegra) and Google Play Store compatibility. The first is doubtful considering the price, and the second is iffy as well; I can't find any information anywhere about that. If that doesn't scare you off, the fact that this thing has two USB ports built in (and, it appears, an HDMI port) makes this somewhat appealing at that price.


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Runs android eh... What version?


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barkusmasta wrote:Runs android eh... What version?

Assuming you mean the netbook:

Per http://www.craigelectronics.com/site/pdetails.php?id=582 it's 4.1.

Unfortunately I don't see anything there or elsewhere indicating the netbook has a touchscreen. That'd be the one advantage this type of device might have over any (even slightly) more powerful netbook running a flavor of linux.

Seems like a more ordinary entry-level tablet combined with a cheap keyboard folio would be a better option for the same niche. You'd just have to be sure the tablet supported bluetooth and/or usb host mode.


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I would guess it is a rockchip processor not unlike most android sticks.

from amazon
Processing Speed 1.5GHz, Operating System : Powered By Google Android 4.0, Flash 11
Built-in 1GB DDR III RAM , Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)

What's really weird is I don't see optical, coax, or hdmi audio in.
Just hdmi (for the video presumably) and a headphone in connection.


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As for the slim book, did the same thing to my 10" Asus netbook with 1.8 processor by downloading the android for netbook files from Google. This way it has the playstore, Gmail, and other Google goodies that I am used to on my phone and tablets. Way better than the win7 it came with as boots in 22 seconds and has way increased the bbattery life. Wasn't able to do side by side comparison as deleted the win7 but seems to handle video better also, whether you tube or ones that are carried around on Sunday cards. This one may not have the same results as there is no mention of video processor which my netbook has, but if you keep your eyes open then comparable netbooks can be found for around a hundred dollars or less with the way the market has slumped. The format and install of android takes less than two hours most of which is just waiting time.


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I snagged one of these Craig Android Soundbars and the Android has stopped working. So I decided to email support at Craig Electronics and they reply that they are aware of the problem and have contacted the manufacturer to see how or if they can be fixed...Anyone else had this problem????

Gregory S. Hull