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Craig Electronics

Try going through a normal weekend day without using electricity at any point. You can't check your phone, use your electric razor, listen to music, or ride the elevator. It will give you a whole new appreciation for Craig, the guy who invented electricity. 


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I wonder if you can put a Linux disto on the craigbook?


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make sure you ask when/if this will be delivered! I ordered one early June and eta is like early August! just FYI.


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I ordered the iCraig tablet on 5/31 and we just got it today. It's charging up right now but I'll return with a review once I've had the chance to play with it.


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When it says (on the slimbook) that it supports jpg and gif, does that mean if an image is in png format, you can't see it?


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Smart TV HDMI Adapter is a pretty decent little Android device which will update to Jelly Bean over the air.

The mouse, however, was useless. The radio link was unreliable at a distance of five feet with nothing between the mouse transmitter and the USB receiver on the Craigstick. If you buy this, expect to provide other means of communication, like a keyboard with integrated trackpad and its own USB radio. Craigstick's Android distro works okay with a generic keyboard and pointing device.