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Converse Digital and Analog Watches

Time is just a construct, man. You need to MOVE BEYOND the corporate monster's propaganda that days are split up into hours, minutes, and seconds. FREE YOURSELF from the tyranny of time, man. Hey, when is the next M16 bus coming?
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This can't be woot!. None of these watches have a msrp of $875.00.

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any back-light on the remix?


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jjlatimer wrote:any back-light on the remix?

Our tester took one into a dark closet and reports that there is a back-light button.

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Got one of these first time around. I think it's worth mentioning (about the Converse Timing Pickup watch)-- it beeps every hour, on the hour. Style-wise, it's typically not what I'd wear, but the beeps every hour make work so, so much easier.


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I love the color of this. It would make a nice present. I checked the price on amazon and they sell it for $37+ for the black/gold watch. Good Deal here


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Do they include the original box, instructions?


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Is the buckle on the black/gold watch gold or silver? It is gold in one picture and silver in another.


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What are the functions of the Timing Pickup watch?


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I ordered 4 of these watches and 3 out of 4 arrived DOA. I contacted customer service but have received no response yet. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this issue. Thank you.