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Pyrex Prep, Store & Bake 28pc Set

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Check out these comments from when this was sold back in May


quality posts: 62 Private Messages manhandsha

I bought this earlier in the year, and I have a whole cupboard in my kitchen with only Pyrex. It's AMAZING!


quality posts: 1108 Private Messages whatsamattaU

Not looking for a quality post, just recycling the usual pyrex debate topics so they don't get debated to death ad nauseum.

Oh, $49.99 tonight like last time in May.

whatsamattaU wrote:


Rather than link to the long discusssions on pyrex and glassware (borosilicate of the old stuff vs. soda lime glass of the new stuff ) which I've been a part of, I'll summarize:
1. If you drop the borosilicate, it shatters into many pieces potentially.
2. If you break the soda lima glass, it potentially breaks into fewer pieces.
3. If you put the old borosilicate down on a surface (particularly after baking), it probably won't break.
4. If you put the new soda lime glass on anything but a cloth type potholder(?) (particularly after baking), you take the risk of it shattering from the sudden temperature change (the videos and reports are out there, like putting on a ceramic range top). I think the truth it somewhere in between. It's not one in a million, but it's not 1 in 2 either.
5. Any shattering of glassware is at minimum scary and at worst harmful.
6. Other companies due make borosilicate, like Pyrex Europe's line, and Lock & Lock.
7. There have been reports (not many) of the soda lime glass breaking "spontaneously".
8. I'm not against someone correcting me on the above, but I've posted a number of links in the past on this. If I didn't have enough new and old pyrex and corningware ceramic/glassware, I wouldn't be afraid of buying this, but I'd always make sure after baking that it doesn't get set down on a cooler surface. Someone commented before to be cautious of uneven distribution of temperature, and said even in the oven, (s)he puts it on a cookie sheet.

Oh, heck, here's one of my old comments

Broklynite said this in response
"Borosilicate can and should also be tempered. Tempering refers to baking the glass at a high enough heat (but below the softening point) that the stresses are taken out of the glass. This makes the glass much less likely to break under ay kind of strain.

That said, more than likely it is soda ash. Fine for everyday storage, not something which I'd bake with."

I've got to go to work. Hope this helps.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages battra92

Excellent, awesome set! You know how at back to college time they have these "Insta-kitchen" sets at Wally World or Tar-jay? Well, this is a set that I would more than gladly give to someone setting up a kitchen on their own. Ditto for a shower gift.

Personally, I have enough Pyrex bakeware to last me for now but I'd be more tempted if this was a set of the storage containers. My wife and I are starting to move more to glass for storage in the fridge since it doesn't stain, melt in the dishwasher or potentially leech chemicals (though the jury's out on whether Rubbermaid containers really do that anyway.)


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These sets always go on sale on Black Friday at lower prices than this. So if you don't need it right away wait a few months.


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I'm amused: when I search online for this to compare prices, all the results are for Woot! Is this an exclusive or something??


quality posts: 1006 Private Messages ThunderThighs


DaveKrieger wrote:I'm amused: when I search online for this to compare prices, all the results are for Woot! Is this an exclusive or something??

Yep, it's an exclusive. You can probably compare by adding up the various components but you won't beat this price.

(Knows challenge is issued.)

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Item: Pyrex Prep, Store & Bake 28pc Set
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Condition: New

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Arrived at my door incredibly quickly! One dish appears to have had a handle crack and then it was fixed or something, but it's still sturdy so I don't care. Awesome deal!