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Don't Eat with Your Hands

If you're between the ages of 23 and 33, chances are you're attending a wedding right now. You've got four this week, so you better stock up on wedding gifts before you exhaust your supply. Of course, if you ever run out you can always just get married yourself and re-gift everything. When does wedding season end? 


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i just missed this, been out of town/internet for a few days come back to see this sale at 12:55 am Monday morning go to buy a silverware set and boom gone. damn....

15 craps and counting.


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My set of flatware is missing 7 of the 8 teaspoons. Not cool! And there is no way they would ever sell for $90... I bought the Pfaltzgraff Satin Ariel and they are so chintzy. Oh well, $30, I guess I'm ok with that. E-mailing woot now about my missing teaspoons...