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Fila Men's Athletic Tees XL and Up

You guys looking for some FILA tees? Well, we got em, in all sizes… larger than XL. Sorry, that was a little bit of a FILA tees tease. Eh? EH?!?! Pretty good one, right? No? Fine. Why don't you just buy some of these shirts and GET OFF OUR BACK!
Fila official site


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In this sale- Athletic Tees, for nonathletic people.


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Shirts you can swim in...


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FILA wrote:Athletic.

You've been put on posting probation for this REALLY REALLY OLD post


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Just as good as Under Armour... and it won't break the bank!


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Down $2 from previous woots . . . they were $9.99 which was a heck of a deal. I bought 5 of them and I've been very happy with them:


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The letters decal(Fila) begin to fall off after around 5 washes, at least in my case. They are comfortable and great for the price though!


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These run about 1 size smaller than listed and are not very long (usually bigger sizes are a little longer. Not these).