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Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Courtyard Rugs

Woot would like to apologize for an earlier version of this sale, which claimed that these indoor/outdoor carpets were "magic." They are not, nor have ever been, capable of self-powered flight or cute, expressive miming. We are deeply sorry for any Persian paupers who may have tried to seduce a Princess with a flight around the city on these non-magical rugs. 


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These keep coming back to Woot! for some reason...
I bought the red set last summer and was excited when it arrived because it was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, these are NOT for outdoor use unless under a porch with no direct sunlight. I placed the large one on my back deck and it washed out and now looks terrible with mold growing all over it. This happened within the first couple months. If you are going to put this inside, then you may want to consider purchasing; otherwise, my advise is don't! The smaller one is in my den and still looks beautiful.