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Diaper Bag-nificent!

You know those helmets with the two cans and the straws? Yeah, we invented something like that for diapers, without the straws, of course. Let's just say we're waiting for it to catch on. If your paradigm is still stuck on a bag-centric diaper transport model, here you go.


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My favorite part of this sale: the graphic of the dog carrying the swaddled baby. That could be because I don't have kids, though.


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purpose designed diaper bags are a real waste of money. You're better off getting a decent tote bag, sling or backpack to hold your stuff and the baby's stuff. Diaper bags are usually overpriced, not very sturdy and one more thing to carry when your hands are already full.


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Pro-tip: get a really nice fishing/tackle bag. It has a gazillion pockets, is super durable, and usually a lot cheaper than regular diaper bag.

This tip courtesy of my very Southern mother.