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Cybex Ruby Stroller - 5 Colors

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A handful of comments from when this was offered in early March


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Get it while you can. I paid $89.99 in March. Now I wish that I would have waited.


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decent comments on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Regal-Lager-Cybex-Ruby-Stroller/product-reviews/B004OTFANK, though only three of them. the super canopy is intriguing...hmmm gonna have to check with the wifey in the morning.

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Lets sit back and watch this video review


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Here is the original sale with more discussion

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This stroller is not recommended for shorter parents - the handles are pretty high up. It is also not good if you need to push a stroller with one hand while holding another child's hand.

It IS recommended for tall children. And the Strollerqueen likes the 2012 model.