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Jim's Toy Box

Kids be playin, know what I mean? It be all, "whatchoo wanna do, kid?" And the kid be all, "Play!" An' when you be all, "Whatchoo wanna play with?" they be all like, "Toys!" Ain't that jus' the craziest thang?


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I have to say, we've tried other recordable storybooks (for a lot more $$) and the quality and recordings were really bad. I got one of these (hush little baby version) last time and I am SUPER impressed! Recordings are clear, easy to use, and I love that the lock/unlock switch is underneath the battery cover, which has to be unscrewed to open.


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I kind of want to get a SkootCase. Not for a kid, for myself. This probably wouldn't help with people confusing me for a 12-year-old, but I'm not sure I care.

Anybody gotten one before? Are they decent/fun? Any drawbacks?


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Retail price of $380 for a plastic "Stainless Steel Colored" globe with Woot's SUPER low $180 price tag!

What a Steal! no really, Woot is stealing your money and giving you a $30 Plastic Ball.

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