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Sports and Outdoors Blowouts

Outdoor sports blowouts? Not like when the Rangers against play the Astros. Or when the Packers play the Bengals. Or when Manchester United plays… any MLS team. We're talking about blowout deals on sports and outdoor stuff. Like baseball bats! Or hand warmers!


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These are REALLY bad. I bought 2 last year and these replica balls are not suitable for playing with. The cover IS NOT leather and is pure plasticky vinyl, stitches show when new, and even after airing up for a month, neither ball is even round. These are only good for autographs and sitting in a trophy case. The real Spalding ball, the old AVP balls, or the EVP ball are all pretty good.


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Horrible! I bought 2 of these Spalding volleyballs when they were Wooted as a 2-pack. My daughter and her friend used one and it shredded within an hour. Absolutely inferior product! As a previous poster stated, these do not even make an attempt at becoming round. Just an overall terrible product. Fortunately, the fine people at Woot! refunded my money. DO NOT BUY!!!


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When I've had family come, I didn't have sleds to go down on. This will be perfect, bought one of each color, especially after seeing decent reviews and $15 price (vs. $8 here) at Walmart:
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Confirming price

I hope these turn out to be good for next winter, because I SHOULD have no way to test them the rest of the year (I hope I don't anyway).