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National Geographic Play Environments

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here are some comments from when this was sold on kids.woot back in February


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Always been a fan of these things. If coloring them isn't fun enough, they make great props for imaginative minds.

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I call a cheat. The colored image of the castle looks digitally painted.


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so that's where old refrigerator boxes go when you throw them out......


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I bought one of these last go-around.

It's not worth the $10 - we put it together and it wouldn't stay in a square or anything remotely like the picture.

The doors should open to the side, so needless to say it got torn off after about 2 minutes.

I've bought some great stuff from Woot but this wasn't it. It went in the recycling a couple of days later.



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note2001 wrote:I call a cheat. The colored image of the castle looks digitally painted.

i totally agree! i was actually going to post a question about what was used to get those colors so vivid, but i think the answer is photoshop rather than markers. <;)

so wootchawootchawootchawant?! you're so funny with the money that you flaunt...


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note2001 wrote:I call a cheat. The colored image of the castle looks digitally painted.

The text on the picture says "Medieval Castle - after you color"

You can color it whatever neon bold colors you want. It comes to you white.

Personally, we bought these onsale at cvs...a play house, and a play space shuttle. They rock for a 1.5yo + 3yo. Lots of running around peeking through portals, and scribbling. It only looks nicely colored if you the parents are helping them color between the lines. But that's not the point. The point is to have them active and trying things, physically and mentally. We like the house best (or in this case, the castle) because it's easy to take down and re-box, and put back up.