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Be All Outdoorsy 'N Stuff

*DRAMATIC INHALATION* Golly it feels good to be in the great outdoors, with the birds chirping, the smell of pine, and...does it feel FREEZING out here to anybody else? Seriously, where is the thermostat? I'm going to have to put on a hoodie or something, this is ridiculous. My Yelp review shall be excoriating.


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LoopRope 5' Buoy Rope.
Woot prices over time:
and now $18.00
Heavy sigh....


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Yeah, but the Frist Aid kit(s) are a decent deal. Alas, just plastic crap containers--and probably expiration dates this year. meh.

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The flashers are cool but break soo easley..one broke turning on. The othe had the top break off in a weak. Everything else I have bought from woot has been great. But these flasher ate not worth the battery cost.