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High Sierra Ski & Snowboard Bags

Ski gear isn't cheap. And anything can happen on your way to the slopes. Well, OK, maybe not anything. Like, you're probably safe from tsunamis. Or locust swarms. Or runaway steamrollers or bulldozers, that only happens in cartoons, pretty much. Point is, a lot of other bad things could happen, and these bags can help.
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Got the coffin style bag for $5 more last time and thrilled with it. If you lay your skis flat and put a second pair bottoms out against the sides you can easily accommodate two pair of skis and have a huge amount of room for either a couple pair of boots or a ton of clothes. I think an ambitious person could even potentially get a third pair of skis in with the bases facing up and still have all that usable room. Was originally planning on spending 3x as much on a Dakine bag (with no retention straps inside or shoulder straps on the out). This is at least as good a bag for a sensational price.