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Remington King of Shaves Kit

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For the umpteenth time, do not buy these. Absolute garbage.


quality posts: 31 Private Messages Jertyrael

Cheaper than ever! They don't shave as close as other brands I've tried, though, but I use them to do the majority of the shave then touch up with something else.

"Woot and all our various sites will continue to be an independently operated company full of horrible, useless products and an untalented jerkface writing staff, same as it ever was." -- Matt Rutledge


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Over 600 reviews (3.2 out of 5.0) over at Amazon


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You should only buy these to shave your cat... If you hate your cat that is...


quality posts: 49 Private Messages baybei

Oh look, it's these razors again!

And, do my eyes deceive me, or are they cheaper than before?


quality posts: 186 Private Messages bpr2
yonsonracing wrote:You should only buy these to shave your cat... If you hate your cat that is...

Don't talk about my g/f like that!


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quality posts: 59 Private Messages dernst_ca1

Bought these a few wootoffs ago.. I have bought a lot of stuff from woot and these fall in the top ten worst products I have ever purchased here..

Sorry Remington..



quality posts: 0 Private Messages sandylou04

These are GARBAGE! Don't buy!!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages hungryhippo234

I was out of my Mach 5 blades and saw these and decided what the heck they are cheap and bought them. They are a terrible design, the razor falls off when rinsing the blade, they clog easily and are impossible to clean. It is not worth it don't do it buy anything else: Gillette, Schick a disposable. Don't buy these.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages flatulist

This is the worst razor I have ever used. This is the worst product I have ever bought from WOOT. This is probably the worst product I have ever bought on the inter nets!

It won't shave!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages margaritaguy

These razors are designed wrong on many levels. First of all they are hard to hold on to when your hands are wet/soapy. I shave in the shower and that makes it next to impossible. The design of the head makes it such that you have to push hard to get the blades to lay against your face. Makes me fear that I am going to push hard enough to start to cut flesh. Oh and good luck getting the head up under the area under your nose...will not get everything.
Thought my wife might find these useful for her legs and she also thought the razors were sub par. So for $6...not even worth it.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages khiraji

Uhhh... I dunno what you guys are doing wrong, but I bought these razors a couple months ago and they're excellent. Getting a new cartridge in is not as easy as, say, a Mach 5, but with a little shaving cream they work like great. Always use shaving cream; if you're gonna do something, do it like you mean it.
I consistently get ultra-close shaves, and the blades seem to last longer than my Mach 5 blades did. I'm on my 3rd cartridge now and would definitely buy these again (if I didn't have like 14 left still, heh).

Worst-case scenario, you're out like 6 bucks. Best-case scenario, you've got razor blades for a good long while. Worth the price of a Starbucks and a cookie, no?


quality posts: 6 Private Messages galalefey

Caveat: I'm a lady, so I use these to shave legs and underarms and generally less sensitive areas than

I've tried these, tried Dollar Shave Club, and I've ultimately decided that I prefer Dollar Shave Club (the $6/month value). But it's a narrow preference. I'd say they're of comparable quality; they hold an edge about the same amount of time, Remington gets a closer shave on my legs but has the above mentioned issues of stuck hairs which Dollar Shave does not. Both are slightly irritating in non-leg areas, and decent shaving cream/gel is recommended. As a lady, I have no issues with the weird Remington handle (but note I never use it on my face). I leave the Remington at my boyfriend's place. Considering buying another pack to stash there, but I have plenty.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages CAisBurning

Someone be sure to post an image of a plastic spoon, with the claim that you get a closer shave with the spoon.

That would be clever.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages SilverBunny

Every time this comes up, I want to buy it...it just seems like such a good deal...a shave kit with 15 blades for less than 10 bucks...

Today, its even cheaper, so I'm tempted to buy it...

But every time, after I read the comments and see what people are saying about it, it made me changed my mind...just like now...lol

I want to buy it, but if its really as bad as people say, then its probably still not worth it...even with this price.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages dancorn

I was tempted to try this until I read the comments. Think I will stay with my 30 year old Gillete Trac II. The blades are 5 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages geowrian

I have to agree with most of the other wooters here. These aren't that great. They wear down quickly, don't get a great shave, and are difficult to clean. Certainly not the worst I've used, but there are better deals out there than this.


quality posts: 186 Private Messages bpr2

ooooo, I see why they're selling these. That way more people will likely buy what's on the main woot site tonight!


quality posts: 275 Private Messages acanarelli

You will hear from a lot of people from both sides of the fence...some love them and others hate them. I happen to love them, they give a good close shave and they will NEVER draw blood!

At this price you can not go wrong! The only draw back that I can see is that they could be a little clunky. Nevertheless, while they are a minimum of 10 times less expensive the the big "G", the big "G" is NOT nearly 10 times better than the Remington. You be the judge, it won't cost you much.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages geowrian
acanarelli wrote:I happen to love them, they give a good close shave and they will NEVER draw blood

I beg to differ, based on personal experience...


quality posts: 186 Private Messages bpr2

They never draw blood because they clog so easily.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages iupunisher

Like a few of the others here, I want to know what others are doing to not have this razor work. I bough a schick and it felt like it was tearing the hair out of my face and then my skin burned for hours afterwords. Machs are so expensive and they clog just as easily as this does. The last Mach razor I had liked to catch and pull a hair here and there. Just a tip for the clogging of any razor, rinse the blade more often or take the razor the opposite direction on your palm and all the hairs in it end up on your hand.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages onewondershow

Horrible razors, the blades are to close together so the hair just gets stuck and won't come out. After 1 or 2 passes it shaves less and less. I have to use a new blade ever 1 or 2 times I shave. I shave every other day for work so I"m not saving anything with these.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages truebadger

I bought 2 sets of these on a woot off. Worst investment I've ever made. I loose sleep at night thinking about the hour of work that it took to buy those two sets. But it has So many blades, you say. How could it suck so much, you ask. Well, I think it's mabey the blades are too close together. Either that or they are just extreamly poor quality. Either way, I wish woot would just throw all their left overs in people's bags of crap. Because when they repost it (which is like once a week, btw) it brings up nothing but bad memories.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages DJHydrogen

The ONLY razor on the last 20 years to leave my Adam's Apple intact! I was hoping I could buy more and I am!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages faultylogic83

I'm glad I bought them months ago, because of how well they worked I researched proper shaving. After that I bought a safety razor, and haven't looked back since.
Check out geofatboy on YouTube.


quality posts: 17 Private Messages k4th3r1n3

Look, if they're so terrible then shut up and let them sell out! Unless you want to see them in every woot-off for the rest your life, SHUT UP!!

They're in Sellout, so maybe that means there aren't many left. For this price they'd make a great white elephant gift at Christmas time, if you end up hating them.


quality posts: 286 Private Messages chipgreen

There's a little black spot on the sun today....


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Isaac707

Have to confirm...these are absolute garbage. I bought a few months ago thinking hey...these look decent. The design is horrible, I still have a lot of the blades left and have opted for the 12 pack push-button type my wife buys for like 3 bucks...much sharper...these are garbage, I can't say that enough.



quality posts: 5 Private Messages hendem99
staaby wrote:worst.

I got some, and agree completely.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages magudas

Seems like a great deal, but after owning, I'm going back to my 3 blades in other brands.

Too difficult to use, have to shave over and over. not a good deal at 5.99 or 3.99. Crappy in every respect.

Design flaws make the razors ineffective on course beards. Weak rotation support, very bad precision means no razor burn, but no cutting any course hairs.

I ordered this, been thru 2 razors in 2 weeks, and am finding they're only good for 1-2 days, due to the design. The razors are too close, requiring frequent washing, and even using something to clean the razor between shaving strokes.

Do yourself a favor, vote no by not buying.


quality posts: 52 Private Messages mdnorman

The woot field test video makes these razors look pretty good. I just can't believe these things are as bad as the reviews indicate. Is it possible that the bad reviews are posted by folks who just don't know how to shave properly? I'm tempted to buy these things, but I don't wanna pay $5 shipping. I'll have to look around for something else to buy first.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages dvaamco

I think these are great! They are a little different to get used to as the angle and design is different. I've got a few years supply now. I'm tempted to slam them so no one buys them and I can have them all!! But, unfortunately that might make me the "King of Shaves", and I really don't want the title or throne, that would be silly...


quality posts: 2 Private Messages wianthom
staaby wrote:worst.





quality posts: 0 Private Messages relativeculture
staaby wrote:worst.

I bought these the last time around. WORST! razors ever.

Ok, I'll be honest...it's become my dedicated razor for other...things...but only because I have enough cartridges to last 2 lifetimes.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages tranadra

Totally agree. These are terrible. I've used pretty much everything on the market and Shick Hydro's and anything Gilette are the only razors I'll buy.

I figured since they were Remington they'd be of quality, I guess they should stick to Electric Shavers.


quality posts: 2 Private Messages JBJCurly

I bought these from woot in the past 3 months or so, and so far I don't see where all the vitriol is coming from.

I don't have very coarse facial hair and I always shave in the shower with no soap, gel, or cream. Just water. It is a close shave every time, and I have yet to draw a drop of blood. I do find it difficult to get up under my nose, but I keep a crappy disposable razor (which costs more than this does) out by the mirror to do touch-up work (something that I needed to do before since I'm shaving without a mirror).

Bottom line, I say buy this. And if you don't like it, send me your unused blades.

Oh, and my fiance also likes this razor.