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Tunnels are a great way for children to escape the pain and sorrow of the adult world. Don't believe us? Just listen to this Arcade Fire song. Are you back? What were we talking about? I'm so overcome with emotion...I can't remember. Mom? 

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I've always wanted to start a local chapter of the Tunnel Snakes.


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Cat toys !

Isn't this the coolest one ever :


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"Let's be honest here. You're thinking about it for your dog, cat, rabbit, or other critter, aren't you?"

Yes, I am definitely thinking about one for my dog. But she is not 3 yet! Also, I think 19" diameter might be a little small.


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My rabbits have some 8 or 10 inch tunnels and love theirs. My roommate's ferret has a 4 inch tunnel. I'm trying to get my other roommate to pick up a tunnel for her dog.