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Muk Luks & Pleece For Cheap

It's when we encounter strings of alphabetic characters such as "Muk Luks" and "Pleece" that we are reminded that language is an entirely arbitrary system. Words mean nothing beyond the representative symbology we attribute to them, folks. Now buy some warm stuff.


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Pleese rocks! Got my poncho from prior Woot so now I am warm and toasty at the office.


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Muk Luks brand rocks too...I already own 4 of their items.


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Hate to bug you woot, but are these toddlers ->kids?

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llrpurch wrote:Pleese rocks! Got my poncho from prior Woot so now I am warm and toasty at the office.

agree about the pleece! got the tomato red scarf last time & not only do i love it, i get a LOT of compliments on it! thinking seriously about getting the hoodie scarf ...


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Fountain3586 wrote:Hate to bug you woot, but are these toddlers ->kids?

Looking at the sizes on Specs and this chart, looks like they start at toddler and go up to kids.

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The Pleece stuff is incredible. I have purchased six pieces for myself and one for my mom (that I fully intend to borrow). I can't say enough nice things about it. I wrap myself up at the office or at home and have stayed snuggly warm since Woot started carrying this product. The pleece feels light but warm, very soft and easy to put on and take off. Seriously, I would buy every piece in every color if I could affort it.