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Kids Apparel Under $15

When you're a kid, no matter how much you try, class picture day spares no humiliation. So why do we always make our kids dress up? Throw on a pair of Scooby-Doo slippers, fuchsia leggings, and a monkey hat -- now, that's a photo.


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Buyers beware, the leggings in the toddlers sets, are extremely short. Having bought 6 different color sets, I was extremely upset with the misproportioned sets. My 2 year-old is barely 2 feet, weighing in at 23 pounds. Normally wearing a 2T, I ordered 3T. The leggings, don't even reach her ankles. To make matters worse, WOOT refused to allow a return. The sizing chart, they stated I should have used; is totally incorrect. SO I am stuck, with pretty long sleeve shirts & "CAPRI" leggings!!! FYI, I have purchased over 200 WOOTS, but guess that is not important to WOOT!